The Technology.

Smart and ingenious. Thanks to full automation.

Plantcube Technology

Perfect Light

The Osram LED Plant Light developed specifically for the Plantcube supplies the plants with perfect light conditions 16 hours a day. It operates with the vital wavelengths that plants need for good growth with a rich supply of nutrients. And to allow the plants to slowly become accustomed to the new light conditions, the Plantcube even features sunrises and sunsets. The light, which appears purple, turns white when you open the door to make it easier to harvest the plants. Experiment with the different modes!

Precise Climate Control

Another advantage of a self-contained Vertical Farming System? Climate control! The system is sensor-based and creates ideal temperatures and the right humidity in the Plantcube all year round – this ensures better plant growth that is up to 3 times faster. Plants simply grow best in a perfect spring climate!

Smart App Control

Do you often stand in the supermarket and have no idea what you should cook? A glimpse at the Agrilution App will tell you which Greens are just ready to harvest or soon will be – very useful! The App communicates with the Plantcube via Wi-Fi. This allows you to keep track of what is currently planted, time to harvest, the temperature, the water level and lots more. And what about you? You can relax and stay on top of things with smart app notifications and get inspired by tasty recipes.

Seedbar Technology

High-quality Seeds

The quality of the plants starts with the seed – this is precisely why we only ever use the very best seeds. We do not use any genetically modified seeds – for your benefit and the planets.


The seeds are already embedded in the Seedbars and positioned precisely to ensure optimum growth. This way, you can even enjoy your Herbs for up to 3 months. Here too we have adopted a sustainable approach: After harvesting, you can simply dispose of the Seedbars in the compost or organic waste.

Plug & Grow

We have combined everything we know about seeds, substrates and user-friendliness and used this knowledge to develop a “Plug & Grow” system. All you need to do is place the Seedbar in the Plantcube. Your Plantcube will do the rest and notify you when its time to harvest.

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