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Innovative Designer Garden for the Kitchen: The Plantcube brings Vertical Farming to the Home

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It is always spring in the kitchen.

The smart Plantcube from the Munich-based company Agrilution brings the revolutionary concept of Vertical Farming into your home.

The fully automated growing cabinet provides the perfect conditions for Leafy Greens, Vegetables and Herbs to grow. With unrivalled freshness, unbeatable flavour and a much richer supply of nutrients, harvested ready for consumption on the spot. New levels of enjoyment for cooking, a healthy diet and a responsible lifestyle.

One Concept – Two Styles: Plantcube LIVING and Plantcube KITCHEN

No bigger than a standard fridge, both Plantcubes provide a self-contained ecosystem with controlled lighting as well as climate and also an automated hydroponic watering system. This makes every day a perfect spring day for the plants inside, whatever the season. Free of any pesticides and other environmental impacts, they also grow two to three times faster than they do when grown in the traditional way.

A two-layer drawer system allows you to plant a total of 18 Seedbars with your personal favourite Greens from our range. The Seedbars are the fully biodegradable substrate in which the seeds are planted.

The system is controlled automatically via the Agrilution Cloud. The user-friendly and self-explanatory Agrilution App gives an insight into the growing process and tips on harvesting – but also makes it very easy to order new Seedbars. With different modes, you can also dim the Plantcube during a relaxing film night or set it to completely silent.

The free-standing Plantcube LIVING can be flexibly integrated into any room and has a very homely effect thanks to its discreet fabric cover made from recycled PET bottles. This device comprises two separate compartments with two doors and two separate climatic zones and will also provide space for higher-growth plants such as tomatoes or chillies in the future.

Plantcube KITCHEN can be conveniently installed in the kitchen. Since the water tank is filled from the outside, no water connection is necessary for the installation. The premium device looks like an elegant wine refrigerator and is exclusively available from specialist retailers.

With its clean lines and characteristic lighting, it makes a unique design statement and meets the highest standards in terms of form and function.

Eating Healthily and Sustainably

A healthy diet and a responsible lifestyle are becoming more and more important. Particularly in urban areas, it is often the case that healthy food grown locally can no longer be supplied. The Personal Vertical Farming concept from Agrilution, delivers a solution straight to your own home: with nutrient-rich Greens that are packed full of flavour and supply a substantial amount of the micronutrients that you need every day to live healthily. 365 days a year. Outstanding freshness and great flavour without any need for transportation, cold chains or plastic waste. One kilogram of Saladin the field consumes 240 litres of water before it is harvested and on average travels 1000 kilometres before it ends up on the supermarket shelf. In contrast, the Plantcube requires 98% less water and the Greens can be consumed fresh immediately without the loss of any nutrients. This means that every Plantcube user is also making a vital contribution to the environment and nature.

"Agrilution is based on sustainability and easing the burden on the environment as far as possible through innovative technology. All our company’s processes are geared towards this. By delivering optimum plant growth and supplying the maximum amount of nutrients, we help people to eat healthily and therefore boost their personal health and wellbeing," emphasises Agrilution CEO Maximilian Lössl.

Thanks to their optimal growth conditions, the Leafy Greens, Herbs and Microgreens have a particularly rich supply of nutrients, containing on average 30 more vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements. Greens from the Plantcube are therefore not only extremely healthy, they also provide an unrivalled experience for the palate. Their texture and flavour make them very appealing for gourmet chefs and vegetarian, vegan cuisine, but also for ambitious amateur cooks and people who are very conscious of what they eat.

“The Microgreens from the Plantcube have such an intense flavour that we can chop up even the smallest plants and use the stalks and leaves in different dishes," explains gourmet chef Bobby Bräuer, who holds two Michelin stars. With the Plantcube, Agrilution is setting new standards for nutrition, health and cuisine.

Our plant portfolio

At Agrilution, our plant portfolio is growing steadily and currently includes more than 40 different Greens. The Seedbars are supplied in packs of 3, so-called Seedbundles. The selection of Herbs, Salads and Leafy Vegetables is extensive and includes many unusual and also exotic varieties, which make the hearts of gourmets beat faster. Whether for delicious meals or refined drinks, the fresh Greens are the icing on the cake in terms of taste experience at the table.

Agrilution – A Company With A Real Passion

Maximilian Lössl grew up as the son of a development aid worker in China and experienced from an early age the real contrast between the comfort of technology and abject poverty and malnutrition. He was instantly impressed by the idea of Vertical Farming and he came up with the vision of bringing the revolutionary concept to every home in the longterm. He wanted to create a perfect ecosystem that will allow everyone to grow their own nutritious plants in the future.

Agrilution was launched in Munich in 2013. With his co-founder Philipp Wagner, Lössl assembled a team of scientists, engineers and salespeople to develop a viable indoor growing cabinet. Today this team has almost 75 members.

What really drives the dedicated businessman is his deep conviction that he is making a vital contribution for the future: “For the first time, our generation is able to harness technology to learn so much more about plants, how they grow and what they need. It will be the knowledge we gain from this that will allow us to make the world’s nutrition healthier and more efficient over the long term." His expertise and passion make Lössl an internationally acclaimed speaker at food symposia and on expert panels that focus on Vertical Farming.

Agrilution has been part of the Miele Group since December 2019. "Miele is a strong and reliable partner, and working together will be enormously beneficial for our business concept, in terms of both technology and marketing," say the Agrilution founders with great delight. The business concept, the values and the shared visions of the future are the perfect fit. The Plantcube has also been available in Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux region since November 2020. The international expansion is being promoted together with Miele.

Presented to the public for the first time at imm Cologne 2019, the new company, which has already won multiple awards, works with more than 400 showrooms and prestigious kitchen studios such as Bulthaup, Siematic and Valcucine. The innovative Plantcubes are used successfully – by both top chefs and nutritionists and, above all, in private households.

Agrilution Plantcube and Seedbars at a Glance

Plantcube LIVING:

  • 62.5 cm x 120 cm x 46 cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Agrilution App: iOS and Android
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHz
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufactured in: Europe
  • Planting capacity: 18 fields
  • Plant compartment height: 26 cm
  • Light module: dynamic 4-channel LED plant light
  • Water consumption: 80 l/year
  • Removable water tank(Volume approx. 7 litres)
  • Services: by Miele

Plantcube KITCHEN:

  • 82–84 cm x 60 cm x 62 cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Agrilution App: iOS and Android
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHz
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufactured in: Europe
  • Planting capacity: 18 fields
  • 2 ergonomic pull-out plant drawers
  • Removable water tank(Volume 15 litres)
  • Retail price: EUR 2,999.00 (RRP)