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Plantcube Package.

With our Plantcube Packages you can start harvesting healthy, pesticide-free, aromatic Greens in your home – right away.

2.999,00 €




  • 6x Seedbundles of 3 Seedbars
  • 1x Nutrient Solution
3.099,00 €




  • 6x Seedbundles of 3 Seedbars
  • 1x Nutrient Solution

250€ voucher (lasts for 6 months of Plantcube usage) for e.g.:

  • 24x Seedbundles of 3 Seedbars
  • 3x Nutrient Solution
  • 1x Cleaning Tabs
Save 150€

We recommend:

3.299,00 €

Healthy Year



  • 6x Seedbundles of 3 Seedbars
  • 1x Nutrient Solution

500€ voucher  (lasts for 12 months of Plantcube usage)  for e.g.:

  • 48x Seedbundles of 3 Seedbars
  • 6x Nutrient Solution
  • 2x Cleaning Tabs
Save 200€

The packages are not subscriptions. You will receive the starterkit and the Harvesting Scissors in an extra delivery just a few days after your order. For the other package components, you will receive a voucher by email after your purchase, which you can redeem in the Agrilution App.

The Plantcube.


The Plantcube brings Vertical Farming straight into your home – and with it crisp Leafy Greens, Herbs and Microgreens to your kitchen. The Plantcube creates the ideal growth conditions with its optimum LED lights, automatic watering and climate control. It is of course smart and is controlled via the Agrilution App. And what about you? You can now enjoy healthy Greens free of any pesticides and full of flavour served straight to your plate and help save the planet at the same time.

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Order the Plantcube very easily through our Online-Store. Would you like to experience the Plantcube for yourself first or are you planning on integrating it into a kitchen and need advice?

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As soon as an order has been confirmed, our delivery partner will contact you by email to find out which day and time you would prefer for your delivery.


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Our carrier will deliver your Plantcube to the place where you wish to install it. Our carrier will be happy to take away the packaging and properly dispose of it for you free of charge. Please note the current delivery regulations regarding Covid-19.

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