Our Seedbundles.

Our Seedbundles contain three Seedbars each. We distinguish between Seedbundle Triplet, Trio and Mix. Have fun discovering them!

The Seedbundle triplet.

All good things come in threes – as do our Seedbars in their Seedbundles. Our Seedbundle triplets such as Bull’s Blood, Micro Cucumber or Sorrel even contain three times the same Seedbar. So if you’re absolutely in love with one of our Greens, this is your Seedbundle! And we all know: There is no such thing as too many Greens...

The Seedbundle trio.

So much variety! Our Seedbundle trios consist of different Greens which let you create whole dishes like the perfect Buddha Bowl, the most delicious Pesto or a colourful Rainbow Salad.

The Seedbundle mix.

Three times a Greens Mix: What great colours and tastes these are! Our Stir Fry Seedbundle e.g. contains a Pak Choi mix with a white, yellow, red and green type of the Salad.

The choice is yours: Happy Greens‑tasting!

Spoilt for choice! Our plant portfolio consisting of more than 40 different Greens most certainly includes your favourite Herbs, go‑to Salads, but also entirely new varieties to try out. Immerse yourself in a world of different tastes, textures and scents!

In our plant lab in Munich, the Plant Team is constantly testing new varieties for growing in the Plantcube. As a result, our portfolio keeps growing and gets bigger and bigger. We can promise: There are great things to come!

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