How to plant.

1. Open the Seedbundle.

Pull the sleeve off the packaging and open it.
Hint: Do not throw the sleeve away. You can use it to close the packaging again later.

Did you know? The Seedbundle packaging is made of 100% paper and contains no plastic at all. Therefore, it can be recycled as waste paper.

2. Take out one Seedbar.

Each Seedbundle contains three Seedbars.

Note: Some Seedbundles contain the same Green three times (such as Bull‘s Blood), others are a mix of different varieties (such as our Essential Herbs, which include Curly Parsley, Basil & Dill). You can tell which is which by the sticker underneath the Seedbars.

3. Plug your Seedbar into the pod.

Have you already chosen a free pod in your Plantcube? Place the Seedbar you would like to plant in there. Each Seedbar includes high‑quality and genetically unmodified seeds that are exactly placed for optimum growth.

4. Don’t forget the App.

In order to correctly track growth, it is important to let the app know what’s happening. Open the Agrilution App and go to your Plantcube Control. Select the field in which you have placed the Seedbar earlier and click on „Insert Seedbar“. Then, you can either scan the barcode on the sticker under the Seedbar, or you can manually search for the Green in the search field. The app knows when you have planted your Seedbar and will notify you as soon as your fresh & healthy Greens are ready for harvest. Well done, you’ve made it!

5. Only one more thing...

Your Greens will be ready for harvest soon and you want to be able to plant new ones right away! So do not forget to place a new order, which is super easy via the app! You can choose from over 30 different varieties of Greens that will turn your dishes into diverse, colorful & healthy artworks!

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