How to harvest properly.

1. Listen to the Agrilution App.

Your personal gardener ‑ the Agrilution App ‑ notifies you when your Greens are ready. You can also check the growth status in the app whenever you want. As soon as you get a notification, this is just the start of the harvest‑period. If you aren’t hungry yet ‑ no worries, you can still leave your Greens in the Plantcube for a few more days.

2. Seedbar & scissors ready, set, go… stop!

Now we’ll get to the best part: harvesting your own Greens! Lettuce only grows once. This means you can harvest it all at once or as needed, but it will not grow back again. But did you know that with the right cutting technique, your Herbs will continue growing and you can harvest them up to 3 months? No? Then we have tips and tricks for you from our Plants Team on how to get the best out of your Herbs!

The correct cutting technique differs depending on whether you would like to harvest single‑ or multi‑stemmed Herbs.

3. Multi‑stemmed Herbs

… include Basil, Thai Basil and Thyme. These you harvest from top to bottom. Take the Agrilution Scissors and cut off the stem just above a pair of leaves. Also make sure that you cut the Herb back to a minimum of 5 cm and that at least one pair of leaves remains at the stem.

4. Single‑stemmed Herbs

… like Curly Parsley, on the other hand, grow particularly well if you harvest them far down the stem.

Note: After a maximum of 3 months you should replace your Seedbar with a new one. After completely harvesting, the remaining Seedbar can be taken out of the Plantcube and disposed of in the compost or organic waste.

5. Let the herbal feast begin.

With the right cutting technique, nothing stands in the way of your herbal enjoyment! And we have another insider tip for you: Did you know that you can eat the particularly aromatic stems of our Greens? Well then, time to enjoy your perfectly harvested Greens in a delicious meal!

Check out the recipes on our website and find out which healthy, creative and fancy dishes you can surprise yourself and the people in your life with. We wish you a good start into the day, a relaxing lunch break, or a fun dinner party!

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