Sustainability in comparison: Conventional vs. Personal Vertical Farming.

Growing veggies in the Plantcube is a sustainable alternative to conventionally produced Salads and Herbs. Why? Let’s find out…

10x more land is required to grow lettuce in a field. 

38 % of the global land surface is used for agriculture. Changes in land use lead to the destruction of habitat and the alteration of weather elements. It's a huge driver of climate change which in turn severely affects agricultural productivity & food security.

Our contribution: Growing Greens in the Plantcube requires 90 % less land area compared to conventional agricultural practices.⁠

Greens en masse.

Did you know that we’ll roughly be 10 billion people on Earth by 2050? That means that more food has to be produced to satisfy the world food demand and prevent food insecurities.⁠

⁠Current projections: Agricultural production needs to increase by at least 60 % until 2050. At the same time, arable land is expected to level off around 1.7 billion hectares. This means that, compared to the past, no additional yields can be achieved through land-use conversion.

⁠In the Plantcube, 9.2x more yield can be produced per square meter compared to conventional agriculture. How does this work? Well, this is the result of increased efficiency through optimal growing conditions and optimal use of space as our Greens grow on two levels stacked on top of each other.⁠

Towards a plastic-free future. 

Unfortunately, our world is drowning in its own waste: 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans – every year.⁠

The consequence? Animals get entangled or starve to death. Plus: Microplastics are nowadays also found in our drinking water systems and in the air we breathe.⁠

No wonder: Up to 80 % of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets are packed in plastic.

But there is another way! The packaging of our Seedbundles is made out of 100 % recycled paper. And the Seedbars themselves? They can easily be disposed into organic waste!⁠

Clean food: happy you, happy planet.

Did you know that worldwide every year more than 4 million tons of pesticides are used in conventional agriculture (since 2010)? This includes different insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides. Pesticides are a major driver of the rapid population decline of many species and therefore pose a significant threat to biodiversity.⁠

We provide an opportunity for change: Growing Greens in the Plantcube does not require pesticides at all! Consequently, cultivating Herbs, Salads and Microgreens in this closed system protects biodiversity and the natural ecosystem that surrounds us.⁠

Agriculture is the biggest user of water. 

It’s important to raise awareness towards the global water crisis. Agriculture alone uses 70 % of water from freshwater sources. As our planet is experiencing an increasing population, ultimately more water for food production is needed. However, climate change is affecting water supplies. Pollution is e.g. anticipating water quality to decline in many places. 

How can we start to save water in agriculture through smart solutions? The Plantcube only needs 10 l of water to grow 1 kg of lettuce compared to conventional agriculture which uses 240 l of water.

For you and the planet.

With the Plantcube, the production of Greens becomes more sustainable: It requires less land, plastic and water than conventional agriculture. Plus, you benefit from higher yields and natural food without pesticides. This is healthier for you – and the planet.

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