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Are you having a hard time choosing between all our delicious Seedbars? Or would you like to have a selection of very specific Greens? Then our Seedbundle Collections are just the thing for you. Let us surprise you…


per 9 Seedbundles (with 3 Seedbars each)


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per 10 Seedbundles (with 3 Seedbars each)

Ideas for delicious recipes.

Are you keen to find out what food you can magically conjure up with the Greens you grow in the Plantcube? You’ll find plenty of tasty ideas to inspire you here:

Banh Mi with tempeh and Thai Basil

Thai Basil

Autumnal panzanella with Micro Amaranth

Micro Amaranth

Red cabbage aloo tikki with Micro Daikon Radish

Micro Daikon Radish and Curly Parsley

Hasselback pumpkin with goat cheese and Summer Savory dip

Awaken Senses or Vitality
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