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What are Seedbars?

Quite simply, without Seedbars there are no Greens. Seedbars are the substrate that already contains the seeds. The principle is simple: you buy your favourite varieties via the App (with a subscription if preferred), place a Seedbar in one of the 18 fields in your Plantcube and then.... the magic happens! You don't have to do anything and can harvest in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the variety. So simple!

What can I plant?

Whether Greens for everyday cooking, exotic flavours for gourmets, or Herbs for fresh teas and cocktails – you'll never get bored with our Seedbars! In addition, we are always researching new varieties in our Munich laboratory. Our current portfolio contains over 40 different Salads, Herbs and Microgreens.

How will the range of plants on offer evolve?

We are constantly researching new varieties that will grow reliably and quickly in the Plantcube. We have already tested more than 100 varieties in our laboratory. We are always planning to add new varieties and expand our portfolio of Seedbars. We also want to offer further varieties of fruit and vegetables as soon as we can.

Will I get full from the amount of Salad?

Of course, the Plantcube does not replace a trip to the supermarket – but provides a healthy addition of Greens to every meal. Depending on what you plant, you can harvest about 1 kg a month. We say: You can harvest something every day. Be it a salad for lunch, a few leaves of fresh Herbs for refinement or an extra portion of nutrients aka Microgreens as a tasty topping.

Do the Greens in the Seedbars grow back?

Indeed! Unlike Salads and Microgreens, which you can only harvest once, Herbs last for up to 3 months.

Are the plants organic?

Our Seedbars are made from 100 percent organic substances. The integrated seeds grow without the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or pesticides. We also use a lot of organic seeds. However, one regulation puts a spanner in the works: organic certification is currently only possible for plants that have grown on soil.

Isn't it sunlight which makes plants "healthier" or "tastier"?

The short answer: No. ;-) The long answer: The light in the Plantcube generates important wavelengths from the solar spectrum that ensure healthy plant growth and the development of healthy ingredients. In short, Salads, Microgreens and Herbs in the Plantcube get the same "good" light as they do outdoors – in fact, even a bit better. The reason? In the Plantcube there is neither too much nor too little sun, there are no storms, and there are no nasty herbivores (except you ;-)). Consequently, more nutrient-rich and tastier plants grow – and faster, too.

What makes the plants from the Plantcube different to the plants from your own balcony/garden?

They grow much faster because the Plantcube provides the optimal growth conditions for plants all year round, such as day/night temperature, humidity, light intensity, water and nutrients. However, on your balcony plants are subjected to changing weather and non-optimal growth conditions.

How long do the Greens take from planting to harvesting?

This depends entirely on the variety, but roughly between 7 and 30 days. You can track the growth on the App at any time and you will also be notified when the Greens are ready to be harvested.

How do the plants get the nutrients they need?

In order to grow, plants need water, light and minerals. The minerals are contained in our Nutrient Solution. Our plant team has optimized it so that the Greens in the Plantcube get all the essential nutrients for healthy growth throughout the plant lifecycle.

Where are the Seedbars produced?

The Seedbars are produced by Agrilution in Munich (Germany).

How can the Seedbars be disposed of sustainably?

Dispose of your Seedbars easily and environmentally friendly on your home compost or in organic waste. The packaging is also made of 100% paper and 0% plastic, which means it can be disposed of as waste paper.

How much does a Seedbar cost?

Depending on the variety, the Seedbundles, which contain 3 Seedbars each, cost between €4.99 and €8.99. With a subscription, you can get your Greens up to 25% cheaper.

How much Nutrient Solution do I need annually?

How much of our Nutrient Solution you need for your plants depends on how much you want to plant on average. The annual amount varies accordingly between 4 and 6 bottles. Especially cool: The Nutrient Solution is already included for free in our Seedbar subscriptions.