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How does the Plantcube work?

The Plantcube is connected to the internet and the App tells it where the user has planted specific plants. The various plant types are assigned specific parameters in our Cloud which ensures optimum growth. The Plantcube accesses them and thus knows when and how much watering is needed, what levels of lighting the plants require, and when what temperature needs to be applied. In other words, the Plantcube is a self-contained system which is focused entirely on growing Leafy Greens, Herbs and Microgreens. Thanks to the ideal lighting, optimum temperature and automatic watering, the plants grow 2-3 times faster, contain up to 30x more nutrients and have a more intense flavour.

What do I need to use the Plantcube or where can I place it?

With its dimensions 120 cm x 62,5 cm x 46 cm (HxWxD) the Plantcube feels at home anywhere! All you need is a stable internet connection, a power socket as well as our so-called Seedbars, which you can easily order through the Agrilution App (if desired with a subscription). As the smart system takes care of watering, ventilation and lighting, you can even operate the Plantcube in a shady place in your home.

Does the Plantcube need to be connected to a direct water supply?

No – there is a water tank in the bottom of the Plantcube that can be refilled. This allows a great deal of water to be saved.

What is the power consumption?

To ensure perfect lighting and an optimal climate, the Plantcube needs energy. The power consumption varies depending on its condition and ambient temperature. However, with a normal room temperature (approx. 20-23°C) you will barely notice an additional power consumption. As there are no standardised testing methods for our completely new product category yet, therefore the specific power consumption cannot yet be quantified. But we are working on this. What's more, did you know that the Plantcube is CO2-neutral until it reaches your doorstep by using 100% green electricity in the office and production and by continuous improvements towards sustainability? After that, it's up to YOU! With our partner Octopus Energy Germany – the first global green energy provider – it stays that way beyond your doorstep.

What is the water consumption?

The Plantcube water consumption of 100 litres a year is the lowest compared to all other growing methods. It is in fact up to 98% less than conventional farming. As a comparison – the average water consumption in Germany per person per day is around 127 litres.

What kind of light is used?

The LED modules were developed specifically for the Plantcube. They contain four differen LED colours: blue, white, red and far-red. These are precisely the wavelengths from the solar spectrum that are essential for healthy plant growth. Thus, the LEDs allow the plants in the Plantcube to photosynthesize.

What is sustainable about it?

Of course, the Plantcube needs (green) energy – we can't hide that. However, we are on the right track to move food production as close as possible to the point of consumption. Not only are we creating a new awareness of the growth and origin of food (your home?), there are many other advantages. With the Plantcube, you're fighting unnecessary transport, packaging waste, pesticides and food waste! In addition, agricultural land is freed up and 98 percent of water is saved compared to conventional agriculture. The production (in Europe) is done according to the Cradle to Cradle principle with high quality materials for a long Plantcube life. This means that the Plantcube is constructed in such a way that it can be completely disassembled into its individual parts even after its usage. This makes it easier to use components and raw materials for other purposes. We also attach great importance to resource conservation when it comes to packaging. Our Seedbar packaging is made of 100% recycled paper and 0% plastic. And the Seedbars themselves? They can simply be disposed of in the compost or organic waste.

I am often on vacation or on longer business trips. Is that a problem?

Your lifestyle – your Plantcube! The Plantcube can manage for a while without any interaction, after all it automatically takes care of watering, ventilation and lighting. It is only advisable to switch off the Plantcube if you will be absent for a longer period of time (> 2 weeks). If you plant before your holiday, you can expect delicious, ready-to-harvest Greens! The question is rather: Can you manage without it? ;-)

How much does the Plantcube cost?

Depending on the size and duration of the Seedbar subscription – or even without a subscription – the Plantcube starts at €1,299. We recommend buying with a subscription, as this allows us to offer you the device at a lower price. You also save time, as you don't have to order Seedbars manually.