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How does the subscription work?

With our subscriptions you will receive Greens every two months and consequently are always reliably supplied with Seedbars! The delivery also includes what you need for this period in terms of Nutrient Solution and Cleaner Tabs. You can decide before each delivery which Seedbundles you would like to receive.

What subscription models do you offer?

Whether you have a big or small appetite: we offer two subscription sizes, which can be taken out for one year or two years: 1) Basic subscription: 12 Seedbars per month (incl. Nutrient Solution and Cleaning Tabs) 2) Premium subscription: 18 Seedbars per month (incl. Nutrient Solution and Cleaning Tabs). We also offer a 1-year, 2-year and a Flex model (no fixed term).

What do the subscriptions cost?

The monthly amount ranges from €29.99 to €69.99.

Can I pause my subscription if I am not at home for some time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pause your subscription and thus the delivery of your Seedbundles. If you are not at home for a while, simply change the delivery address and have your Seedbundles delivered to family or friends.

How or when can I cancel a subscription?

The 1- or 2-year subscription simply ends automatically at the end of the term, i.e. you do not have to cancel it. For the Flex subscription, you can cancel at any time up to 7 days before the next deadline.