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Entdecke jetzt unser neues Seedbar Portfolio!

Hier geht's zu den Greens

Your Personal Vertical Farm

The Plantcube: grow your own healthy plant based food at home. For you and the planet.

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Plantcube + Seedbars

Mit unserem smarten Indoor Gardening System hast du ab sofort immer frische Greens zuhause.

Und das ganz einfach nach dem
"Plug & Grow"- Prinzip: Seedbar einsetzen und genießen.

For everyone that values fresh, healthy and completely natural products. With our personal vertical farming system you can harvest your own greens right where you consume them- at peak flavour!  It's as simple as "Plug & Grow": Insert a Seedbar and enjoy.

Harvest Daily

Enjoy your favourite unique varieties, which you cannot find in supermarkets. On demand and at home - right where you need them.

For the planet

With the Plantcube you are avoiding unnecessary transport, plastic packaging and food waste. Be part of the solution.

30x Nutrients

Say goodbye to tasteless salads from the supermarket. Our Greens taste intense, are packed with healthy nutrients and are pesticide and GMO free.

Smart and connected

No green thumb? No problem! Our App guides you through the entire growing process from inserting a Seedbar to harvest.

Innovative Technology

For complete growth automation and control

Intelligent Lighting

Our dynamic Osram LED Plant Light provides the plants with exactly the right wavelengths they need to thrive from seed to harvest -
for up to 16 hours a day.

Optimized Climate

Our sensor based climate control provides the right temperature, humidity and air movement every single day of the year.

Automatic Watering

Due to our closed loop hydroponic watering system and integrated water reservoir we need 98% less water compared to conventional agriculture.

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Discover the Technology


"They can use different light spectra to slow down or accelerate the growth process of plants, even control the taste and size of the fruit - without genetic engineering or additives."

Article on stern.de

“The Munich based Startup Agrilution is using their Plantcube to bring vegetables back to where they belong - directly to the consumer. An innovative architecturally integrated or freestanding appliance for the smart growing of edible plants.”

Article on architonic.com/de

"The plants are watered automatically and an App informs you when the herbs and baby salads are ready to be harvested."

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Discover our innovative Indoor Garden



Discover all plants you can grow with your Plantcube


Unlimited possibilities.

Our Seedbar Lines enable you to grow what you like - and harvest just what you need. There's something for everyone: whether you're a chef looking for unique varieties with the best tastes and textures, or a plant-based food lover wanting to spice up your dish with fresh nutritious greens - we have a Seedbar for your personal preference.

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